360 Images Metadata

I find that when I save a 360 photo Topaz adjust is removing the 360 metadata. This means the image is no longer recognized as a 360 image. I have to add the 360 metadata back myself.

The Topaz software should save all metadata to the output file. I am wondering if there is other metadata that is also not getting saved.

This is not a show stopper but it would save additional steps in my workflow. If implemented this would be great.

What metadata tag contains this information? If you have a sample original file you can upload for us to test with, it will help greatly.

You can submit your image here if the forums don’t allow the type to be uploaded: https://www.dropbox.com/request/Viv48rcnTRLyVz6ImEBX

Hi Russell the spherical_metadata xmp is described here:


Hello Russell. I have uploaded it to dropbox. a before and an after so that you can compare it.

I know facebook requires The Exif XMP tag, “ProjectionType=equirectangular”

Hope this helps

Quite old post, but this is still valid point. I use Topaz Sharpen and Photo to edit DNG from Insta360 X2 camera and export back to DNG, but file is much bigger but lost some metadata. It’s not possible to import file to Insta360 Studio for stitching.

Could you add option to keep original metadata? This is really required for processing 360 photos - official editors just reject photos with modified metadata. 360 cameras are not perfect at all, so it’s necessary to improve quality before stitching.