300 DPI

HI, with the new version i can not create a tiff which i can insert in Photoshop and then my image remain 300dpi.

Now it is not possible and i need it for my goals.

Please help!

Is the image successfully exporting Gigapixel at 300dpi prior to uploading to Photoshop?

I’m also having the same issues. The previous version was working fine but with the new update, none of my images are exporting at 300 DPI in any extension.

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Are you seeing this conflict when using Gigapixel as a standalone application or when invoked from an external editor?

Your image has a fixed size of pixels wide and tall. The told dpi do not refer to the image. They refer to the output device, in this case: your printer. It is just a measurement to work with to get the output to the printer right but tells nothing about the image size in particular.

This topic is discussed also in another threads… please report this as a bug as it doesn’t work correctly in version 7.x

In version 6.x it is working exactly like it should work.

Please stop defending the bug which is in version 7.x You as a beta tester should know how 6.x was working and the same way or just better should work version 7.x which is not the case.

DPI, CM, IN, and PX are standard units and they just work in any way inside version 6.x

Do you due diligence first than come back and defend buggy UX in version 7.x please.

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I think this was already reported during beta testing but it might take some time until it will be fixed. As a temporary workaround calculate the needed pixels size manually and keep sure that you set up the printing resolution right in the final printing application. :slight_smile:

Beta testers can’t report this as a bug if they can’t reproduce it. The version 7.x PS plugin and standalone works fine for me. I can export at 300 dpi or any other resolution. If some people have the problem and others don’t, then it clearly isn’t a simple issue to resolve.

Beta testers don’t owe you anything. We are customers just like you, not employees of Topaz.

This issue is stil there. I use the “width” 300dpi and the output also as “width”.
But the images are 72dpi. PLease help Topaz!

The images are fully digital and therefore can not be measured in Inches. Your image has only pixels. The “dpi” stored with the image is just a reminder for with how many dots per inch you want to print it to paper later. It has nothing to do with your image per se!

Before the output of the images where 300 dpi. You cansee it at an image at the properties. Now they are 72dpi which i can not use and is not allowd to use.

No it is not. To count how many dots per inch your image has you must grab a ruler and get the width in Inches. If you know the image is will say 3000 pixels wide at 10 Inches on the monitor you have 300 dots per inch. But on a different monitor it will look different and then the dpi will not match anymore. Your image will not get a valid size in dots per inch unless you have it on paper because the paper will not change. The only valid “size” for the image in the Topaz application are the width and height in pixels.

So if you make an print file in for example photoshop and put it on 300dpi cmyk it can say 72dpi on another computer.
It is depending on the file not the monitor. Never heard that before.

Yes because the image has only pixels. Some applications do not even read the metadata where your fictional printing resolution is stored in. 72 dpi was a common resolution of old CRT monitors, maybe that’s why Photoshop chooses this one by default. But it has nothing to do with your image.

Still the tool os not working. The same tool gave me 300dpi and now not anymore so there is a bug.

Sorry, but you’re still wrong. The PPI (to give it its correct name) is used ONLY for printing and has no effect on how your image is displayed on a screen, which displays images at its own native resolution and neither knows nor cares what PPI/DPI you have in the metadata.

Many people quite happily define their image size by X by Y inches/centimetres @ Z PPI (or even PPC - pixels per centimetre - and that is perfectly acceptable. You’ve made it clear you don’t like it but that doesn’t make it wrong. Like any other post, once is enough - so please stop it.

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Listen, how the image is displayed on the screen do not matter. I use this programm to make 72dpi to 300dpi for printing the images. I do this for a year now and it is working.

If is send a 72dpi it is not allowed. I now have a new laptop and download gigapixel ai and the output of an image is whatever i do is now 72dpi but it was with some trics in gigapixel ai 300dpi.

This is the reason why i bought this program and it worked. It is as simple as it is. I know what dpi is because i have a degree in it. Used to make prints for companies.

I said IMO was wrong - not yourself. You are completely correct and I didn’t say otherwise.

Ah yes i see. Sorry this was my mistake Paulm

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If you bring the upscaled image into photoshop you can change the dpi setting for the file in “image size” to 300dpi without resampling and just resave the file.