$300, but only 1 year of Upgrades!?

I notice the Topaz site is heavily biased toward “marketing” and far less informational about system requirements.

Nowhere can I find a simple statement about GPUs or if the Gigapixel app uses CUDA or other hardware assist.

I am interested in purchasing Gigapixel, but reading the bugs forum shows me this app is fraught with basic bugs.

If TVAI cost $299 for every upgrade, I probably would still be on 3.x. The $149 renewal price makes it more palatable, and the $79 sales they’ve been running for the past year or two make it a no-brainer for me.

OTOH, every Adobe product I have is the last version they released prior to going subscription -only.

I am so embarrassed that I got sucked in by this company; paid $150 for something I can achieve with free software; I honestly was sucked in by their marketing and company vision…only to find they don’t care about me at all; the philosophy is a hollow lie.

They asked for support from the public, put forward their premise and then for some reason took that as permission to try and gouge supporters.

I despise this company with a passion. I live on a disability pension and cannot be leeched endlessly to support some curls lifestyle. What a revolting experience.

…and before all the Beta testers come out to defend the value of this product = Don’t bother. You are a captured biased audience.

I know what you are talking about. I live from a disability pension also. I bought Video AI for 169 $ when it was on discount at Topaz. The one year extension costs 149 $ currently, almost as much as the whole product back then! :eyes:

What doesn’t make sense is paying a premium price for a program with inconsistent functionality and is rife with basic flaws. The upgrades for this software tend to introduce more problems; people use the older versions precisely because they work better. I don’t believe any users were so in love with the Proteus model that they gave Topaz several hundred dollars for two years in hopes that the company * might * use their money to improve Proteus…

There are about 30-35 models in this program (more if you count the old versions), and I only use four of them. Why should users pay for the 1-year of upgrades when they can accomplish all that they need to accomplish with the version they have?

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Mate, I feel for you. I worked out that Topaz wants around 7% of my total income after I have paid rent. @14K USD per year, 12K on rent…I am left with around $40 per week to pay for all the struggling executives and shareholders that life throws at me. That is WHY I research products so heavily before purchase.

As for my view of this sort of behaviour from software companies…I will quote a voice of reason:

“I think too many people are blackpilled into believing the only way to get ahead is to screw over as many people as you can. Sometimes, the best way to get what you want is to be a good person”.

  • ~Louis Rossmann.

IMO the problem is the 1-year license combined with the neverending development cycle and the fact that nothing ever seems to get “done.” It’s particularly galling for people whose licenses run out halfway between releases, leaving them with two versions of the software and neither of them work the way they should.

If Topaz sold a 1.0 stable release, then a series of betas (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.) that introduced new features and resolved the issues those new features caused, followed by a stable 2.0, and repeated that process for release 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, etc., there probably wouldn’t be as much dissatisfaction if there was an upgrade charge for each new release.