3.4.0 not working on simple preview

Trying to preview and then render a 5" section of a video. So far tried four times Source is 1080p, 23.976 fps, output is 4x upscale, 120 fps or 60fps. Motion deblur Themis, Chronos fast, Apollo fast, Apollo. Starts, loads models, goes 2-3% then Error. Last error log attached.
logsForSupport.tar.gz (151.1 KB)

system is windows 10, 32gig, Radeon RX 6400
DxDiag.txt (83.4 KB)

Does this same error show when using the H265 encoder? It’s possible that the output size is too large for H264 on AMD cards.

output is prores 422hq. On previous version, 3.1.9 this type of render worked fine. Your email today regarding my inability to render h264 or h265 due to my RX 6400 limitations made sense. I have been able to render to jpg, prores and vp9 ok. I get the same error rendering to jpg files. I will revert to 3.1.9 unless you suggest otherwise.

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