3.3.8 - mp4 videos encoded with Deinterlace and Upscale to HD no longer stream properly online

Interlaced videos encoded to mp4 with h264 and Dione DV are no longer streaming properly online since the latest 3.3.8 update. Strange behavior in Firefox - buffering to the end of the video before playing, starting from the end, then timeline bouncing back and forth before playing from beginning. Edge browser - videos buffer to the end before playing. Hopefully this is enough info to investigate, please advise, thanks

DxDiag.txt (91.5 KB)
logsForSupport.tar.gz (88.9 KB)

Hi Tom,

I’m looking into this now and will send it over to our dev team. Do you know which version of Video AI you updated from?

I believe there were about 3 updates available when I opened VideoAI and updated, hope this helps, thanks.

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Great, thanks for confirming. I’ll update you on our test results with the same settings you posted.

Update 3.3.9 has fixed the issue, thanks!

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