3.0.11 is now unusable - watermark

Just updated today and now I have to login every time I start the program which is inconvenient enough. It does this by taking you to a browser, so what if I want to work offline? However, the real problem is that after I successfully login all my previews have the Topaz Watermark on the output as if I haven’t logged in, and yet I have the option to logout in the software.

Also what’s with the preview generation it takes almost a minute, the older V2 that I also still have (so pleased I didn’t remove it) previews in a couple of seconds.

Exporting is at 1.5 spf, really? V2 runs at 0.11 spf.

This seems really broken now.

Email support. They’ll help you out with the login.
The speed… just browse these forums for awhile and see what others have posted about it.

Thanks, my experience with support with most software packages is not to bother. I’ll just use 2.6.4 until they actually make a working version.