1st time user V2.6.2: The software responds incredibly slow?

Hello, I’ve tried to search the forum for people experiencing the same problem as me. I did not find results.

Software: Video Enhancer AI 2.6.2 (trial version)
System: Windows 11, 32GB memory, AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, AMD RX 5700XT (22.1.1 drivers)

Problem: The software feels very very slow. Very often I get the message "not responding in the top of the window). I am not even rendering, I have not even imported a video. I am simply going through the menu. The software is simply incredibly slow in responding. I have rebooted the computer after installing and no other programs are running in the background. This can’t be a feature of the trial version am I correct?

Do you have any networked drives? The software tries to poll all your drives when it starts up. If you have any unreachable drives it will hang for ages.

Thank you for trying to help. Yes, I have a number, but they are all reachable (tested by accessing them via file explorer). Is the software scanning all of these drives? Every time I start the software?

I believe it does try to poll every drive on startup. I only found out about this ‘feature’ when I was having similar issues with the software being very unresponsive and was hanging on startup. It was because my networked drives were asleep, or disconnected.

New day, fresh start, I made sure I had accessed files on all network drives before starting up TVEAI 2.6.2, but alas, same irresponsiveness. Thanks again though!

Does it also want to reach the outside world constantly? I have a pihole installed, which is a dns based add blocker, but disabling the pihole for a minute before starting up the software doesn’t change a thing either.

Even after an hour, doing nothing, the software is behaving equally sluggish.

Can you try disconnecting the external/network drives?

Check if O&O ShutUp10++ does bring any help.

www . oo-software . com/en/shutup10

First, export your current settings by clicking File - Export settings…
Second, click Actions - Apply only recommended settings. Test Topaz VEAI.
Third, exit VEAI and click Actions - Recommended and somewhat recommended settings.Test VEAI.
Fourth, return your original settings by selecting File - Import settings, if you don’t want to change anything.