1st Enhancement doesn't affect 2nd Enhanements estimations

When using the “estimate” button to auto-tune the enhancements settings in a second enhancement, the estimations it makes don’t appear to take into account the affects of the first enhancement.

In other words, the second enhancement’s estimated settings are the exact same regardless of what the first enhancement is doing.

Crank first enhancement’s “reduce grain” to the max… get the same estimates in the second enhancement.
Lower first enhancements “reduce grain” to 0… get the same estimates in the second enhancement.

This seems wrong, as the the second enhancement will (in my understanding) be applying the enhancement to new frames created by the first first enhancement.

When you click “estimate” on the second enhancement, it should first create a new frame using the first enhancement, then estimate the second enhancement’s settings according to that new frame.

hi, in other words is it advisable to make a first rendering, import the video and re-estimate for the second rendering?

If you want to do two passes, then yes that’d be the only way to make the estimation feature work on the second enhancement. Or you’d have to render a preview using the first enhancement, import the preview file, estimate the second pass with that, and apply those settings to the second enhancement on your original file. Yeesh

When clicking estimate the model looks at the frame in the preview window from the input clip as it currently is. Since none of the enhancements have run at that point it will only be looking at the original to get its values. The second enhancement estimate option is not able to look at what the first enhancement will do to the clip as it has not been run yet. The current workflow would be to run the clip through with the first enhancement and then bring back in for the second enhancement and then let it run the estimate.

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Interesting, thanks for the info Kyle. I think having the second enhancement apply to the post-first enhancement is a more ideal and efficient workflow (from the users standpoint anyway), but I get what you’re saying

This is something that the team can look into for future releases. I would recommend posting over in the Ideas section so that users can vote on and add their input to for the dev team to take a look at.