1920 x 1080 to 4K

Hi, i was wondering wich i should / can use to upscale an HD video to 4K.
I tried it out, but strangly enough when im upscales an hd to 4k the output is less in MB then the original HD version.
Hd version was 2 gb, the upscaled version to 4k was suddenly just 1 gb large.
Am i doing something wrong ?

If you are outputting to mp4, there’s a quality factor setting at the bottom of the settings panel. Adjust the quality factor.

A lower number means less video compression.
Less compression generally means more quality, with diminishing returns (e.g. a quality factor of 0 yielding a 1 TB file size would have little discernable difference compared to quality factor of 15 with a 50 GB file size).

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Thank you !!