100% Resource Usage a bit excessive

Ok usually I’m all in favour of performance improvements, going from averaging 65-75% CPU/GPU usage up to 100% should be applauded however, for those of us that actually browse the net, or want to download steam updates or other menial tasks while waiting for the encode, it can be problematic. Maybe throttle it back to 95% usage so background tasks can actually still run…
I can’t be the only person who doesn’t just leave their pc to encode.

You could give this a try if using W11:

Nope my i7-7700k isn’t supported by Windows 11 so will be on Windows 10 until I have to buy a new PC hopefully still many years away.

7700K may not officially be supported but you can bypass the hardware check quite easily during the W11 installation (I run W11 without issue on a 6700K CPU).

Let me know if you are interested and I can PM you the details.


Reduce memory usage in the File > Preferences menu, this should reduce the overall machine usage. You can also enable “low power” mode.

Dropped memory usage from 100 right down to 10 at increments of 10 with no effect, both still run at 100%. Went to the trouble of installing Windows 11 and it was real trouble but the efficiency in task manager literally only affected CPU by 1-2% every now and again not enough to make a difference. Don’t see any “low power” mode where is that at?
I’m not worried about machine usage generally just want some headroom to be able to run background tasks instead of it using all resources so I can browse the net or click something without having a 7 second delay all the time while it’s taking several hours to encode.

How about trying process lasso?

Take your display cable out and put it in the mobo port

Just change the process priority of ffmpeg to Low in Task Manager. That’s what I do. That makes all other interactive tasks take priority. Allows me to “watch youtube”, do some NLE editing etc without a hitch.