1.5.0 --> 1.5.1 -->1.5.2: progressively (and dramatically) worse performance

I noticed the other day when upgrading from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2 a dramatic performance hit when processing just a single image, even in the preview mode, prior to saving.

What took about 5-10 seconds to re-render a typical low res 1024x1536 image in 1.5.0, I now started seeing the process hang on the last phase of processing and grind to crawl.

Just working on a typical image now was taking upwards of a minute or more JUST to preview (not even saving at this point)

Became very dramatic when queing up about 10 images. What took maybe a minute before, now took… over 10 minutes.

I backed down to 1.5.0 and all the speed returned. Previews back to normal 5 second range while tweaking settings, and saving out a batch of 20+ images, each image rendered/processed at a steady pace (this part is key) all through all 20 images. Render/save time for each image, 5-10 seconds or so and about 2 minutes over more or less.

I updated then to 1.5.1 again and first… it seemed ok. The preview/tweaking part for a given image seemed ok. One image. No issues.

Where the problem started coming back was when 10 or more images were dumped into topaz (something I could do 40+ with under 1.5.0) and then try to save out.

the first 3 or 4 images… about normal speed… and then slower and slower as each image processed and saved.

This part of the process… for each image… got slower… and slower. Unlike 1.5.0 that was a stead speed, 10 seconds max per image

20 images was now back up to like a 10 minute processing time.

Not as bad as 1.5.2… but MUCH much slower than 1.5.0

I backed it down again, dumped in 40 images into the 1.5.0 queue… and back to steady and speedy processing of each image all the way though.

My guess? 1.5.1 introduced some serious memory leak. 1.5.2 introduced on top of that, some performance/GPU issue. Combined 1.5.2 is basically unsueable for me.

1.5.1 is useable, but only 1 image at a time.

Machine specs

Corei5 3.5ghz 16gb, Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB GPU.
Def not the latest and greatest specs but was super fast for me through 1.5.0


@eric.holbrook Thanks for breaking this down for us!

Let’s try updating the graphics card drivers using this link: Geforce Driver Results | NVIDIA

Try processing some images and see if the performance is better. Then, try this as well: manually select the GPU to use for processing. Go to the Edit menu option > Preferences > General menu > AI Processor > Nvidia GTX 1060.

I will give this a try

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Updated latest NVIDIA driver
updated Topaz back to 1.5.2

(GPU was already selected as I had tried that before) .

I noticed right away the preview/adjustment mode was much much quicker again

Set up 20 images, I am watching image 18 of 20 process in the queue VERY quickly once again.

Wow what a relief. Had no idea a few months old driver could kill me like that lol

20 images processed … well didn’t time it this time because was expecting little difference but was about 2 - 3 minutes. Seemed faster.

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Completed a 200 image queue using 1.5.2.

Basically same image sizes: 1024x1536 —> appx 3x size + other standard Autopilot adjustments

44 minutes so approx 13 seconds per image.

That is good. Thank for the suggestion on the drivers Tim!

Like I said, def a bit shocked that a driver that’s not >that< old would cause such a massive drop in performance.

(Still don’t get why facial detection/recovering faces makes faces look much worse and blurry vs with it off… but that will be my next thread … or continuation of an older one)

Sometimes the drivers have buggy releases that are out of our control but I’m surprised it made so much of a difference as well. Anyway, glad we got that fixed for you!


537.13 driver came out today, and it works fine with TPAI.

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Great news!

Mine as become a crash fest. It’s getting worse and worse.

Which graphics card are you using? I can find the update link for you as well.

Hello. I just updated to 1.5.2 and having the same issue with extremely slow times. Am a new application user and not an IT wizard. I take photos :slight_smile: Any help in making this application usable would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I had a post here somewhere about slow times going from 1.5.2 to 1.5.3 (back to 30+ seconds per image) and after reinstalling 1.5.2… which had been rather speedy after the nvidia driver update… was now once again slow too. What the heck??

I noticed the GPU useage was next to nothing… weird because I had GPU selected

… A reboot seemed to fix… 1.5.2 is back to being decently speedy and in a day or two will revisit 1.5.3 to see if was same issue.

Does kind of indicate some GPU memory leak but who knows. I honestly had not done a hard rebood in about a week so that’s most likely the cause here.

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It sounds like you’re doing all the usual troubleshooting steps we recommend - updating drivers, selecting the GPU, rebooting. I’ve replied to your new post with next steps.