1/3 speed drop between 2.6.2 and 3.0.0

Deblurring same 720p video using proteus , on both versions : 6fps on 3.0.0 vs 9fps on 2.6.2
My config : 12700k / RTX 3070 / 32GB DDR5 / Win11 21H2.

Sometimes 3.0.0 automatically selects the next resolution model up than 2.6.4 on the same source and settings. You can only get the speed back by modifying the generated command and running it yourself.
Because it’s such a small fix, I hope it will be addressed in the next update.

That’s hard to compare where you didn’t have the latest version, because the 2.6.4 version supposedly had a performance increase on the Mac version of 10% to 15% using 16GB memory.

I tried again with another 720p video. Similar outputs, quality and format wise, with both 2.6.2 and 3.0.0, but still this huge speed drop with 3.0.0.
I guess 2.6.4 was not so slower than 2.6.2 on a PC, otherwise somebody would have noticed.