[1.3.9 and above] Purple Artifacts from Remove Noise Module

After denoise I had some purple spots in my picture. RAW file is from my Sony A7sII.

Steps to reproduce issue:

Open image - default settings

Topaz Photo AI [v1.3.9] on both Windows & Mac

@nitewish Thanks for reaching out.

Please upload the original ARW to the reply so I can run some tests. It looks like the original you uploaded is a JPG file and I’m not getting the purple spots when I process that.

317_a7s.arw (24.3 MB)

Thanks for uploading that, @nitewish.

I was able to reproduce the purple spots on my computer, so it’s not specific to the image or your device. Artifacts are unfortunately a common bug with processing RAW files.

We’re working on fixing that as a priority this and next quarter.

In the meantime, you can convert to DNG using Adobe DNG Converter:

This should eliminate the purple spot when you process in Photo AI.
Thanks for understanding and for your patience as we fix this for you.

Hi Tim,

thanx for your help and information.

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Using Lightroom Plugin Extras to launch Photo AI on a Canon R5 CR3, autopilot chooses “strong” noise reduction, which introduces purple artifacts. Switching to “normal” fixes the problem (and also looks fine).


Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Hi @don.mccrady, please see the merged post above :slight_smile:

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I just realized that my update period has expired. I wanted to try 1.5 to see if my “purple problem” is solved. I would hate to renew for a fee as long as the problem still exists.

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Just download and install, I believe that if you don’t login it will act as a trial. If your update period has expired the only option is 1.5.x as 1.4.x will no longer be updated.

This issue is not fixed yet. It will be fixed in v2.0 which will be releasing in about 1 month.

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After update of photo ai to 1.5.4 I’m getting terrible blotches of crazy colors, and a color cast on some images that is intensely purple.
Pics taken after dark in an urban setting. Crop out the junk, throw the image away, or use some other tool for denoise. What happened?

Steve Starer

We’re working on a fix for this. In the meantime, you can try using the Photo > Edit in > Topaz Photo AI workflow in Lightroom which will process a TIF. If you’re using Photo AI as a standalone, you can convert to DNG using Adobe DNG Converter: Adobe Digital Negative Converter

The blotchy artifacts should be fixed in the release this Thursday with the new Remove Noise - Raw models.

Are you using Nikon Z8 or Z9? We have a color shift issue with HE* files from these two cameras that will be fixed in the next 2 weeks.

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