1.3.4 - Crashes when using Autopilot

When using Autopilot when it gets to the DeNoise step the program automatically shuts down every time while trying to use with jpeg files.

Attached is one of the log files.

2023-05-13-12-04-27.tzlog.txt (85.7 KB)

Topaz Photo AI v1.3.4 on Windows 11

2023-05-17-06-57-38.tzlog (75.9 KB)
2023-05-17-06-46-32.tzlog (238.0 KB)

This morning it worked OK with one photo, but not with the others I have tried.

2023-05-17-06-58-3.tzlog (82.0 KB)

Appears to not matter what size the files are. After working for the initial file, I have not been able to get it to work on any other files even after rebooting my laptop.
2023-05-17-07-01-4.tzlog (10.2 KB)
2023-05-17-07-04-36.tzlog (81.9 KB)
2023-05-17-07-05-33.tzlog (82.0 KB)
2023-05-17-07-07-49.tzlog (81.9 KB)

Thanks for reporting this. We have a fix for this releasing in v1.3.5 tomorrow. Please update tomorrow and let me know if the crash is still happening.

You can reach out to help@topazlabs.com for faster support.

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