1.3.11 CR2 RAW color shift (blues to purple)

Why doe the color look odd when I go from Lightroom to Topaz AI?

Hi @blaingsports, are you using the Photo > Edit In > Topaz Photo AI workflow or the File > Plug-in Extras workflow in Lightroom? Can you upload a screenshot of what you are seeing, along with the original file you are working with?


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In this screen shot you can see the original file in Lightroom and the Topaz AI screen as it came up for me to edit. The weird colour is obvious.

This doesn’t effect the file when it returns to LR as a tif, but it is odd.

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@blaingsports Thanks for the info.

Color shifts when processing RAW photos is a bug we’re working on fixing as a priority for this and next quarter. This is due to how the image data is being read.

Processing as a TIF will preserve the color and not introduce artifacts so if you’re ok with using non-RAW files, this is the best way to go in the meantime.

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